New Synergies

H&B Textile Tecnology LTD Anqing Anhui China

Huamao is a leading Chinese textile manufacturing company with a productive capacity which varies from yarn (300.000 spindles for cotton spinning) to weaving (2800 looms). Through the supply of this semi-finished product, the relationship with Beste has been consolidated over about 10 years.

Huamao is one of 500 companies which has been identified in a list of “strategic” companies for the Nation by the Chinese government.

The Italian factory in Cantagallo will be the Research and development centre for the entire textile collection supplying the necessary know-how to the Chinese factory. In Italy the TOP Quality of the Made in Italy brand will be produced; this quality standard will be produced exclusively in the Prato factory. For this reason investment in machinery was planned at approximately € 2.000.000 for the 2012-13 financial year in order to augment the quality of the products realized, other than offering impeccable service to top end brands.

The machinery bought for the Chinese factory was produced in Italy, Switzerland and Germany: the biggest orders have been made in Italy, where the lion’s share of more than 3.5 million euros has been ordered from companies in Prato.

The architectural design of the structure, the internal spaces, and the choice of materials has been designed and realised with European standards in mind, by the very same architect who designed the premises in Cantagallo in 2002. The electrical, plumbing, and thermodynamic systems have been entirely planned and dimensioned by engineering specialists in Prato.


At the first meeting at Beste in Prato, the foundations are laid for a historic and revolutionary agreement in the world of textile and garment manufacture.


After 4 months of negotiations, a LOI (Letter of Intent) is signed. In september, defined as the “outline law”, in just 6 months of heavy negotiations on the contents of the Joint-venture agreement, 6 contracts are drafted up between the partners of the newly founded Joint Venture H&B Textile Technology Ltd (75% ANHUI HUAMAO 25% BESTE SpA).

13_September 2012

The contracts are signed at Anqing and the first stone for the construction of the industrial dyeing and finishing factory/establishment is laid (46.000 m² of surface area over a total area of 60.000 m²).


Actual works commence. Construction commences on the new H&B factory.


Actual works commence. Assembly commences of the load-bearing laminated wood beams made by the Italian company Holzbau. This is the first time this technique has been used in a manufacturing factory in China.

Italian technicians provide constant supervision onsite.

The arrival and assemblage of the first machinery.

Internal manufacturing plant H&B.

External manufacturing plant H&B.

February_2014. Start of production.