Beste Tour

Exploratory tour of production

From the raw fabric to the finished one, on a journey of a few hundred meters in which technologies, skills and a constant sense of quality unfold. A physical path between the various departments of the company that Beste offers on a daily basis to customers, designers and visitors of all kinds, especially schools and training institutes. This guided tour along the entire production chain - from design to the last control stages - is the sign of transparency that has become a corporate style and an indispensable added value. Each single department and machinery is identified by a special signature with a name and QR Code in order to get further information.


Cantagallo Factory

The characteristics are those of the Italian rationalism of the 1940s. A first-rate model that has spanned the last century as the seat of a wool mill that has been closed for over thirty years. An envelope of brick, concrete and glass surrounded by the Bisenzio river, olive trees and Tuscan woods to which Beste has given a new destination and above all a new soul. It is the headquarters of activities such as research, design and management of clothing production. A series of spacious and technologically advanced offices that close in a ring around a courtyard covered by a wooden structure and semi-transparent panels.