The starting center for the birth of the garment

Innovation as a vocation

It is one thing to design garments, it is another to push the limits of what is thinkable and achievable. One thing is industrializing an ordinary product, the other is re-discussing or expanding the technical and production potential, by opening new paths and testing paths born as simple seasonal experiments. Beste has chosen to keep together, not without a certain amount of effort, its industrial approach with the restless creativity of the modern fashion system. Beste Hub, the Garment Division, was born with this precise vocation.

Verticality and manufacturing, the two strengths

This is first of all possible thanks to the totally vertical nature of the group. In fact, the ability to keep both textile design and assemble the garments under a single umbrella allows each material to be structured according to its specified use, thinking or modifying it starting from the aesthetic and performance needed as a final product. This would be impossible without an internal laboratory with great expertise and a large and technologically advanced machine park.

The availability of machines such as laser cutting, textile welders, ultrasonic machines and pressure dyeing baskets allow us to deploy an almost infinite repertoire of processes and combinations, variously combined with a network of artisans (printers, embroiderers, dyers, etc.) that represent the height of Italian craftsmanship.


Transparency and absolute control of the production chain: these are the weapons that Beste Hub puts in place in a market where the length and opacity of supply systems is strongly in contrast with the need for guarantees that consumers are increasingly showing. This production center consisting of four plants distributed within a radius of just 30 kilometers not only adapts its production ethics to the priority aspects of transparency and corporate control, but also focuses its attention on words such as environmental and social sustainability, by encouraging the creation of a concrete relationship of trust that must necessarily exist between a company, its customers and surrounding environment.

Sutura: one step away from the BesteHUB

In addition to a network of certified outsourcers supervised by highly specialized personnel, BesteHUB has got an additional plant of considerable production capacity nearby. With a production varying from 2,000 to 2,500 valuable garments per month, Sutura houses within its achievements the absolute guarantee of Made in Italy and quality control.

Productive innovation

Taping machines, laser cutting, interphase ironing units and ultrasonic machines: these are the tools that best represent the innovation that Sutura intends to bring in this context. The manufacturing activity combined with the automation of the production process constitutes in itself all those aspects of uniqueness and technological avant-garde through which the company manifests its spirit of making sewing and packaging take central and relevant positions, departing from the market's manufacturing standards. The use of such devices thus enables the production laboratory to channel advanced technologies and craftsmanship within its garments.


Between Sutura and Beste consists a relationship of co-interest that gives rise to concrete and direct support for clothing production. This model of interaction is already in the process of generating other collaborations so that Beste can encapsulate within itself the total control and the most complete transparency of the production chain.