We are much more than a textile company

We are a family of different people who share the same values. We put all our passion into the work we do and give our all to achieve the same goal: to offer more sustainable products and make quality the choice for a better life.

We listen to everyone's needs, with a view to balancing the personal and work spheres, we offer social benefits for our employees such as: health insurance, transportation facilitation, food service and the promotion of events dedicated to entertainment and recreation.

People are at the center of our work

Growing employees:

Beste is continually looking for young talent to train and employ: each year the company hosts interns and students in school-to-work alternation, giving them a real opportunity to make themselves known, but also to operate in a context of growth. We mix experience and expertise to share even with those who face the world of work for the first time.

Designers, students, clients and citizens always have the opportunity to book a private tour inside our production site, to get a first-hand understanding of how transparent our processes are and adhere to the highest qualitative standards.

Come by and visit us

Book a tour with us to experience Beste Benefit Society's 30-year experience firsthand