Greige Check

The first and most important step concerns the check of the greige fabric, a process in which metres of fabric have to be checked before being brought into the actual production cycle. We guarantee that the product is in compliance with the required standards and doesn’t present any weaving imperfections so that we are sure that we are working with a perfect raw material.

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In order to make the greige fabric ready for the next industrial phases, the material is cleaned and washed out of all those greasy substances previously employed during the textile processes. Then, inside a unique machine that can contain 220 metres of fabric, it is bleached and processed through an alkaline treatment. This allows the fabric to be ready to be dyed and specially to make the absorption of the fabric homogeneous throughout and thus ensure an excellent color uniformity.

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Dyeing Plant

The Dyeing Plant is the beating heart of our plant, the place where colors bring out fabric to life. Here at Beste S.p.a. we are able to dye any kind of fibre, mixed ones too, and this is due to a great machinery plant of the newest generation capable of satisfying any type of request. We have suitable equipment for hot and cold dyeing. Flow and jet flow dyeing machinery also under atmospheric pressure which are able to dye synthetic fibres such as polyester at 130°C. The management and control of the dyeing process at Beste S.p.a is high-tech thanks to a major investment in technologies hence resulting in many machinery plants available, for instance, an automatic dosing plant for colorants, powders and liquid chemical auxiliaries. Everything is arranged by an operational headquarter with three different software communicating together by letting us take a remote control over all the machines of an entire unit through a simple click.

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Once the fabric is dyed, it has to be “Ennobled” and through various machines and processes, we are able to get what customers usually look for. This is the most fascinating part of our profession, namely the handmade phase in which the ways we judge reflect the sensations that the touch of the fabric gives us.

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Finished Check

As soon as the finishing cycle ends, the fabric is checked in order to avoid any imperfections or limitations, thus, the department manager is responsible for controlling the hand feel, its aspect and the final colour to be certain that all the requests expressed by customers are satisfied. Before proceeding with the shipment, all the needed laboratory tests that Beste has recently renewed and equipped with the best technologies are carried out according to the ISO or GB regulations.

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