It is easy to say red

The unique alchemy of a color: light on material, difficult to capture, impossible to describe or replicate. The colors of the world as a continuous challenge for those who made a profession of their passion for colors: designers, graphic designers, artists. Bestone was born for them: a small portable reader able to capture the color with high fidelity, send it to our laboratories and let them transfer it onto a textile support.

Create your own color palette with Bestone

You may also use the Bestone app to build your own color archive or to fine-tune the colors with the typical features of any image management application.

Choose the fabric

Through a further click Bestone easily allows you to transfer the grabbed color onto a wide range of textile supports. One thing is to see the color materialized on a linen canvas, another is to spread it on a carded woolen cloth, or a cold Nylon canvas. As the reflections change and consequently colors also change.

Choose the format

Different materials for different compositions, structure and format: from the minimum size of 3×3 cm, to the maximum size of 1,5 x 5 meters.

Receive it directly on your desk

From the streets, from storefronts, from wherever you are, with one click you get fabric samples directly to your desk.