The history

Their place is right in the middle of the establishment, in a bright glass box that shows the story of Beste for all to see. There are thousands of fabrics and colors: the sediment of a technical and creative story that cuts the milestone of thirty years. They are the solid foundation on which the company continues to build its future day by day.

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The term Tessuteka identifies the structure, emphasizes its comprehensive and organic character and, finally, defines its mission: to make itself an indispensable instrument of knowledge and development. With a range of users that is gradually widening, this reality constitutes a point of conjunction between multiple subjects, both internal to the company, such as designers and sales staff, and external, thus customers, schools, universities and training centers.

At the moment more than 26.000 articles and colors are collected inside the Tessuteka, for a total of 13.000 different greige fabrics, divided into 56 seasons starting from the Spring/Summer 93. The materials were grouped into 19 types, but soon the search engine will allow you to scan the collection according to further terms of consultation: fibers, fabric weave, weight, finishing characteristics, areas of use and functionality.

The perspective

Just a click away to see our collection! A few quick steps to get your screen colored by our seasonal proposals, under a precious immediacy and virtuality that reduces the space-time of globalization within a second. A new way of showing fabric collections, in full harmony with the current trend to use social technology to share the most representative fashion events, catwalks included. Look, structure, composition and weight of our fabric qualities may be observed thanks to high-resolution photos and through the immediacy of a fast connection. After this first virtual step, more concrete steps may follow through the acquisition of a physical reference: a small swatch, or even a sample yardage. Again, just a click!