Ideas made into reality

Beste Hub is a space at the full service of creativity, a creativity ordinarily aimed at the design, development, fine-tuning and serial production of garments: from pants to jackets, from knitwear to hats, from accessories (bags, gloves, belts, etc.) to the most complex accessories. The clothing division's manufacturing versatility is the cornerstone value of the industrialization of craftsmanship.

The context

A striking architectural context as well as a source of continuous inspiration. Over 3500 meters of space with a 1940s style footprint that, renovated, take on criteria of functionality. The building was regenerated in 2021 with the intention of extending the textile culture of the space and recontextualizing it in a modern key. The width of the spaces suggests rigor but at the same time freedom both in implementation and ideation. Home automation and technological innovation represent the same metrics involved in the production processes. The space is also a meeting point for cultural activities and artistic initiatives with a view to restoring value to the context among the highest social and ethical standards.

Product office

It is the cornerstone of the company: the kitchen where new recipes are developed. The place where creativity takes shape. Made up of about fifteen people - an average age of less than thirty years - this is the junction between the strictly creative inputs and the need for industrialization and large-scale production. A systematic research activity projected on a global scale constitutes its indispensable propellant.

Paper pattern office

Once upon a time, until yesterday, their work was done with scissors and cardboard. Today the Paper Pattern Office is a crucial department that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.. Composed by skilled pattern makers, developers, and placement workers, this team plays a pivotal role in transforming design concepts into tangible garments. In the past, their work involved cutting and shaping patterns using scissors and cardboard, but the digital revolution has brought about a shift to a computerized work cycle. Utilizing their expertise and attention to detail, they translate two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional garments, ensuring the perfect fit, structure, and integrity of the final fashion product. Their contribution is vital in maintaining the irreplaceable craftsmanship.


The quality and effectiveness of a product do not only rely on the goodness of the project, but also on the relevance of the working tools. When they are unsuitable, obsolete or absent, all that remains is to invent new ones. Beste studio was born in the Spring of 2015 exactly for this reason, that means, with the aim of creating a production context that is finally capable of bringing out a new generation of garments.

The partial overcoming of traditional manufacturing techniques through the integration of classic sewing machines with laser cutters, welding machines, carousel presses, ultrasonic machines as well as the ability to finally transfer this technological apparatus to the demanding register of the luxury product, represent the peculiar trait of a laboratory that brings together about forty employees among the various specializations.

Beste Hub

The New Hi BAG Collection

The collection called "HI-BAG," named after high technology bag, sees the creation of 28 prototypes with different characteristics, aiming to express the potential of knitwear in the world of accessories.

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