Beste Collection

The history

The collection

The Beste collection is the most intimate archive of Beste's, developed in more than 10-year history. A tale as long as a thread that started its path in 1992, when Giovanni Santi changed the local production paradigm by applying to cotton the typical finishes of woolen fiber, something the Prato district has always been specialized in. That of the Beste collection is cotton culture built around constant innovation. From the selection of the best raw materials to the study of the most innovative finishing techniques, the collection has managed to renew itself from season to season for over thirty years, giving structure and value to textile products in the global apparel and luxury sector. Authenticity is the trait that binds each proposal. Other terms, perhaps appropriate in the seasonal contingency, would not stand the test of time. 

With a fairly pronounced focus on natural fibers, beginning with cotton ones, the Beste collection has always stood out for the compactness of its structures. Experience in the study of new finishes gives rise to a proposal of more than eight hundred full fabrics in different hands, the result of finishing cycles being made more of days than hours. The fabrics of the Beste line evolve along with the company's expertise, integrating new laminating techniques and waterproof membranes. All in the most authentic respect for the ecosystem, distancing themselves from the use of chemical compounds with a high environmental impact. A productive and creative choice resulting from a radical vision, which recognizes the Beste collection's leadership in the high-end textile market.