The history


Texco Wool Mill, founded in 1983, is a historical Italian company known in the world textile scene for high quality woolen fabrics made from the finest noble fibers. The pursuit of excellence has always been our main mission and it translates today into an archive with more than 250 fabrics in fine fibers capable of combining tradition and innovation. The study of new blends composed exclusively of noble fibers such as cashmere, camel, alpaca and yak represents the evolution of Texco fabrics.

The Texco collection is born from the careful selection of the best fine fibers and the ennobling of the fabric through innovative finishing techniques, which give the same aspects such as astrakhan, sable and beaver. The style of the collection represents a timeless aesthetic that is never mundane, contextualizing new aesthetic tastes while maintaining, at the same time, the tradition of the raw material.