The history

The collection

It has never been like the others.

The Carpini company was founded in 1938 as a company specializing in carded woolen fabrics. In 1982, it merged with Compagnia Tessile, headed by Tino Brigatti. Brigatti, originally from Biella, combined the wool culture of the area where he had grown up with the textile culture of Prato, offering special structures made up of worsted yarns. Creativity combined with precision and a sense of quality are still the strength of the Carpini collection, which continues to stand out in the textile scene for an innovative wool product with a refined style.

When a technical, creative and unconventional proposal is combined with the desire to meet the needs of today's fashion and customer, the result we get is called Carpini. In this collection, the great know-how from the distant Biella heritage is inextricably linked with an increasingly avant-garde present. The result?

Structures and depths where crepes and cords give shape and rigidity to material suggestions, from gauze weights to coats. 

The use of natural fibers like wool and linen is Carpini's focus, along with the technicality of continuous fibers like nylon or polyester and the round cadence of viscoses. Characterizing Carpini's range of fabrics are extra bright finishes, borrowed from Beste's cotton culture, in exact contrast to washed, raw but at the same time round aspects.