Sine Qua Non

The history

The collection

Sine Qua Non collection, from Latin indispensabile, is inspired by today's costume revolution, where the accessory represents a key element of expression. The collection is born with the aim of providing luxury brands with new materials - for bags, backpacks, buckets and trunks - worthily able to replace leather and suede. The cornerstones of accessory world are renewed through the richness of fabric, evolving into timeless design objects. The union between functionality and design - daily and luxury - are the common thread of an exclusive collection composed of five different themes: contemporary couture, city explorer, everyday luxury, craft and bijoux.

The selection of materials, mainly natural, represents the real richness of the collection: Supima cotton, silk, linen, nettle and Japanese paper yarn renew some of the essential structure of accessory such as canvas, cordura and duchesse. Jacquard weaves, yarn-dyed and special printing techniques guarantee high possibilities for customization. The great expertise and attention to finishing of the Beste world is the other added value of Sine Qua Non collection. This savoir faire translates into exclusive and innovative fabrics as crinkled parchment, embossed silk, suede made from silk and sablé nubuck.