Beste Sezione Aurea

The history

The collection

The Sezione Aurea collection is a microcosm of excellence in which the know-how sedimented by Beste in thirty years of history is mirrored, that reflects the result of the marriage of design and craftsmanship. The collection was born in 2013 from the most authentic expression of Piergiovanni Donatucci, a protagonist of contemporary textile culture and designer of the Beste company since 1995. The term "aurea" refers to the aesthetic canons of classicism and its harmonious balance in shapes, expressing the idea of composed and innate elegance. A feeling that Beste has been able to conquer through a synthetic collection with a sharp profile like that of a bas-relief, capable of meeting the most sophisticated needs of high fashion and creative stylism.

Sezione Aurea is a design collection, conceived aspiring to the achievement of maximum golden balance in forms and materials. Noble fibers such as silk and washi paper, cashmere and sea island cotton are the stars of the collection, developed into complex structures of double or triple twists and ennobled with innovative finishes. Starting out as a niche collection, today the project is presented with a well-articulated architecture of more than two hundred exclusive fabrics with perfect proportions, ensuring their resilience to time and use. Harmony, refined elegance and prestige meet beyond the natural and traditional limits of fabric to tell the story of the highest high-end Made in Italy.