The history

The collection

Pontelambro Weaving Mill, founded in 1981 in Erba, is an Italian company specializing in the production of linen and cotton for the high-end apparel sector, particularly shirts. The Beste Group acquired control, with the prospect of sharing its expertise in finishing to innovate and reinterpret the shirting segment. What began as a company tenaciously clinging to a plastered and so far obsolete formality is now something profoundly different. Pontelambro becomes a reflection of a fluid culture, attracted more to transformation than to preservation.

The Pontelambro collection is the concrete answer to the contemporary shirting industry, which has now moved out of the purely masculine enclosure of the desk uniform. It is the interpreter of a different way of understanding the shirt, made up of yarn dyes and an almost endless theory of variations on the theme of the stripe and square. At the same time, the Pontelambro collection offers a repertoire of materials dominated by solids, in which cotton has ceased to be the only voice. Silk, viscose or wools with the finest titling are some of the ingredients of a proposal that focuses on finishes, textures and yarn quality.